We are interested in nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics, complexity, stochastic processes, molecular devices and biophysical processes.   In recent years we have  focused on optical metamaterials emphasizing in the role that nonlinearity plays in these systems. Recent work includes:

Discrete breathers  and solitons in metamaterials and magnetoinductive systems:  We predicted that arrays of split ring resonators with nonlinear capacitance may form localized modes in the form  of discrete breathers. In longer lattices left handed solitons in the form of coupled electric and magnetic field wavey may form and propagate.  Breathers may be induced through frequency chirping also in binary metamaterials.

Superconducting metamaterials :  We introduced a squid based metamaterial and showed that it can also form discrete breathers.

Polarons in molcular systems: We have analyzed the polaron formation in proteins and other molecular sysmtes and connected these findings to acetanilide.

Dymamics and statistics of nonlinear lattices: We have studied nonequilibrium statistics of lattices that form breathers and connected them with glassy systems.  Analyzed various dymamical properties of breathers in nonlinear lattices.

Motor proteins:  We have introduced an electrostatic model for the kinesin walk on microtubules and showed that it is compatible with experiments.