PT-symmetric nonlinear metamaterials and zero-dimensional systems

A one dimensional, parity-time (PT )-symmetric magnetic metamaterial comprising split-ring resonators having both gain and loss is investigated. In the linear regime, the transition from the exact to the broken PT -phase is

Multistability and self-organization in disordered SQUID metamaterials


Extreme events in two-dimensional disordered nonlinear lattices


Gain-Driven Discrete Breathers in PT - Symmetric Nonlinear Metamaterials




Strain fields generated at the interface of two dissimilar ferroelastic oxides induce a structural cubic-to-tetragonal phase

transition. Using Landau theory for the distrortion of the strain fields we found analytically that the dilatational strain

exhibits compression close to the interface that in turn may affect drastically the electronic properties in the vicinity of the interface.

PRB 84, 245428 (2011)


Third PhD School on Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems

Heraklion 15-27 July 2013
Location: Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete, Heraklion, Greece (


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